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Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart."

         -Elizabeth                 Andrew

Building Girls of Courage, Confidence & Character Who Make the World a Better Place...


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Thank you for saying YES to being a Girl Scout Leader!  Your generous commitment gives your troop the opportunity to discover new skills, challenge themselves, connect with others and make a difference in their community and the WORLD!  As you give girls the gift of your time and mentorship, you will also benefit in knowing the important role you played in their journey!  

So you’ve decided

to be a


Now What…

Come to Island Creek Community's Troop Forming Rally on September 8th and Meet your Troop!  We will have a seasoned Leader at every table to help answer questions and guide you through the Troop Forming process.  There will also be crafts for new Girl Scouts and presentations for Adults!  Don't forget to sign up for a Mentor and pick up your New Leader Bag containing helpful information and a New Leader Starter Kit!  You can also learn more by down loading our Troop Forming Flyer and GSSJC Information packet! 

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LEADER Trainings

GSSJC offers Training for Leaders on ALL areas of Scouting!

  • GSSJC offers special classes for Leaders based on your Troop's specific level, such as how to run meetings, earn badges, complete journeys, problem solve, crafts, community service projects and Girl Scout songs!

  • They offer Camp Training for new Leaders and a refresher course for Leaders that have already completed their Camp Training Certification!

  • There are 2 big weekends of Trainings called Health Safety Weekend and FOCUS.  Also look for specific Summer Train ins!

  • If your Troop is earning their Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards they offer a training to plan, organize and outline award requirements!

  • Other Trainings include Events Basics, Weekend Events, Troop Financials, Archery Instructor Certification, Canoe Instructor Certification and Camp Kitchen. 


Facebook Groups, Blogs and Pinterest

Does your Troop have a meeting topic, field trip, community Service Project, Badge or Journey that they want to plan but have no idea where to start...try asking other leaders on a Facebook group, following Troop Blogs or searching on Pinterest!  

Popular Facebook Groups for Leaders (PLEASE Note that most of these groups are NOT affiliated with GSUSA or GSSJC in any way)  

  • Island Creek Community FB Page (official)

  • Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council (official)

  • Katy Area GSSJC Communities

  • Girl Scout GAB

  • GSSJC Troop Leader Idea Page

  • Crafty and Creative Girl Scout Leaders

  • Registered Girl Scouts of Texas

  • Girl Scout Leader Chat

  • Girl Scout Camp Agnes Arnold

  • Girl Scout Camp Misty Meadows


As you can see there are a bunch of Facebook pages!  These can be a great resource for leaders to ask questions, get ideas and learn about new opportunities!

Girl Scout SWAPS

You can find millions of examples of SWAPS on Pinterest or with a simple search on any search engine!

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Girl Scout Ceremonies

Girl Scout Ceremonies

Girl Scout Ceremonies are a great way to start and end your Scouting year!  Whether you are preforming a Flag Ceremony to begin an Event, Investiture/Rededication Ceremony, Brownie Elf Ceremony or your End of Year Bridging Ceremony there are endless ways to make it special!

Flag Ceremony

Possible Commands for a Flag Ceremony

Troop #110006

Troop #17108

Troop #127013

Bridging Ceremony

Troop #127007

Troop #17703

See How Girl Scouts Earn Their Bridging Awards!

Brownie Elf Ceremony (Also Called Twist Me, Turn Me)

Troop #127016

The Brownie Story (a poem)

                                                                                 For those who've come, I'm here to share

The Brownie Story with girls who care

 For once, a long time ago

 when fairies and elves in England did grow

Two little girls as normal as you

lived with their father and grandmother, too!

Their Father, a tailor, worked hard all day

and Granny, very busy, had no time to play

   The girls loved to play and dance and sing

     They could make a game out of any old thing

   Then one day the Father, a wise old man

told of the magic of Brownie Land

He told of the Brownies who work and dust

and clean for their families without making a fuss

Granny told them to look for a magical place

where the wise old owl might show them the face

of a Brownie who was willing to clean and sew

and dance and sing, 'cause Brownies love that you know!

Our two found the owl with answers to share

with all the little girls waiting way out ther

said he "Go to the Magical Brownie Ring,

Join all the Brownies in everything!"

"Deep in the woods when the moon is out

Go to the pond - Turn yourself about

You'll find magic that starts with a rhyme

And this magic circles the world in time

"Twist me and turn me and show me the Elf

I looked in the water and saw MYSELF!"

Now all of us know of the magic Brownie woods

where each little girl helps as she should

where trees and flowers and the rain and the sun

are friends of children who join Scouting fun!

Girl Scout Songs

Songs are a BIG part of Girl Scouts!  The best way to get a copy of official Girl Scout Songs is to attend a training at GSSJC!  They will give you a packet with all the song lyrics and teach you the tunes and motions!  You can also do a search on YouTube to see Girl Scouts all across the world preform Girl Scout Songs! (Youtube is NOT affiliated with GSUSA or GSSJC in any way)

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