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Fall Product Sales

Fall Products Sales run from September to November and consist of delicious nuts, candies and magazine subscriptions!  By participating in this program, troops can get a head start on funding their activities for the year!

When your troop participates in Product Sales, your Girl Scouts are empowered by learning leadership skills, money management, sales and marketing!  

Cookie Sales

Please click the link to notify the Community Cookie Manager (CCM) of your Troop's intent to participate in Cookie Sales!  This will also add the Troop Cookie Manager (TCM) to the Community Cookie Manager's Email list!


gs cookies.png

Fall Product Managers & Troop Cookie Managers

  • To participate in either Product Sales Program, your Troop will need an adult volunteer to be your Sales Manager and coordinate all Troop Sales

  • To be a Product Sales Manager, you must be a registered Girl Scout, pass a criminal background check and be in good standing with GSSJC

  • Product Sales Managers must declare their role on MyGS

  • TCM must complete TCM Training, there are online and in-class options available BUT we highly recommend that all New/Rookie TCMs take the in-class option

  • Fall Product Sales are from September to November

  • Cookie Sales are from January to March

Product Sales Programs

Troop 127133 deliver cookies to FD.jpg

Troop #127133 delivers cookies to local Fire Station

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